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Give Truth – and Protection – Today.


Since December of 2019, The Epoch Times has been striving to present a truthful assessment of the severity of the CCP Virus (novel coronavirus) to our readers worldwide – one that’s undistorted by the censors and special interests of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


A Toxic Disinformation Campaign


Now, as the virus has spread outside of China’s borders, the CCP’s disinformation campaign has followed it, with efforts to understate the intensity of the virus as well as to obfuscate the virus’ true origins in China.


What’s more, this campaign is not just limited to the CCP’s own overseas propaganda organizations; some journalists and outlets in the free world have been compromised and have been acting on behalf of the CCP to propagate its doctored version of the truth.


The false sense of security communicated by the members of this campaign has already caused numerous countries around the world to be caught unprepared for the virus – a tragedy that is currently being paid for in human lives.


An Ally of Truth


As a truly independent global media, we at The Epoch Times know that we enjoy the special freedom of reporting without influence from any corporation or government. And now, more than ever, we also know that we have a duty to the world to use this freedom responsibly, to portray the whole truth of the CCP virus to the best of our ability.


But as one independent media company, there is only so much we can do.


Stand With Us


With your help, we can get the real facts about the Chinese Communist Party virus (CCP virus) to even more Americans so that they can know the truth, stay informed—and more importantly, keep safe.


The Epoch Times has prepared a special edition revealing important information about the CCP virus that most Americans still don’t know.


Please Donate and Help us Mail the Special Edition to Millions of American Families.


About $5 million will be enough to cover a quarter of the American population. Inside of our special edition on the CCP virus, we make it easy for each person to share the truth with their friends via the website CCPVirusTruth.com. If each recipient shares it with 3 friends, then all people in the U.S. can know the truth.


Together, we can prevent the loss of even more lives to the CCP’s viral disinformation.


Together, we can inform and protect.